Medicine Work

As a Medicine healer I’m trained in the Medicine ways, which pre-date religion and culture, and which are rooted in Nature, with us from the beginning, and remaining until we’re gone; Nature is our teacher. Put another way: Nature is the temple wherein we do our work, perform ceremony, receive and give away.

Here’s my approach to life…

I was practicing energetic alchemical healing for more than 20 years before I entered the 13th Moon Mystery School Kivas and two years after completing that training, I began with The Four Winds Society. I will speak here of the two key lineages in which I’ve been trained. In the time before culture and language, universal principles coming through the originating four races of man were braided together in what came to be known as the Twisted Hairs. Rainbow Lightning Elk and Guy Lone Eagle, who founded the 13th Moon Mystery School Kivas, brought these teachings, with others from their elders, and from the Dolphin Star Temple. Another root comes through the Incan elders of Peru, via The Four Winds Society, created by Alberto Villoldo.

The purpose of my work is to create the space in which you may discover your life’s purpose; to bring you into greater alignment by removing obstructions in your path; and by providing tools to assist in actualizing yourself in a harmonizing way. I work to identify, heal and clear patterns that may be age-old, and together we create new ones which are life-supporting. I have learned and still often discover many ways that assist my clients to transform their life, to move beyond pain and suffering. And these intents are held within another wrapping which is to teach you to learn through pleasure and not through pain. My aim is to impart teachings, ceremonies and other tools that will facilitate you to heal yourself. The Munay-Ki Rites of Initiation, for example, work to bring you into right relationship with yourself and All That Is.

This is not about curing symptomatic conditions; what I do does have an impact on and effects every aspect of a person’s being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, the energetic; the work benefits all aspects of the individual, rather than any single dimension. When someone says they have this illness or that problem, we don’t work from that level, but more from what’s at the source of it, at the causal level and it’s there that real healing takes place. Working shamanically, we are bending time, outside the parameters of what we typically understand to be clock time, so it needn’t take an entire lifetime to heal the wounds of this lifetime and/or of others. Otherwise, we’re spending time simply peeling layers like an onion and that can take a very long time.

Each day we pick up “stuff” and carry it around in our electromagnetic energy field: energy that is not our own. When that which isn’t of your essence is removed, more of who and what you are can shine through and becomes available. Further, when splintered and lost parts of yourself are retrieved and re-integrated, those returned aspects will profoundly influence and alter the course of your life. Old beliefs and contracts that no longer serve can be broken and replaced with those which will enhance the journey and bring new meaning to your life. These are only some of the ways we work to shift the blocks in your way, to get energy flowing again, returning your vitality, bringing clarity and a sense of direction, so living is again a fully enjoyable experience.

It’s been my experience that every person, at some juncture in their life, will ask themselves and perhaps their Maker, what purpose being in this place, on this Earth at this time has for them. “What am I supposed to do?” you may ask. We ask how we can best be of use, in order to manifest that purpose. Such potentially life-changing questions can be and are often addressed in session. Each person receives what is necessary at the time for their highest good and potential and the Guides of the Light always respond to every request and never cease to surprise and delight.