Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Springtime is a time for cleanup, a clearing away of what is no longer needed or wanted.  For example, we may hold a garage sale, to get rid of toys outgrown by our children, along with other stuff that has cluttered our living space, perhaps for years.  

But what about the clutter in our minds?  What about those obstacles we keep stubbing our toes on? You know, the ones holding us back that keep us from moving forward in our life?  This Springtime, 2012, is an especially opportune time to do a mini life review, to consider what is working in your life and what isn’t; to ask whether the underpinning beliefs you live by are really your own and if they are really serving.

Before I was formally introduced to shamanic work, I held many beliefs and ideas about “reality”.  Anything that went beyond my bounds, I judged to be way over the edge for me.   Since then, life experience, learning and working shamanically have led me drop ways of thinking that no longer work for me and to incorporate new practices and beliefs that truly feel authentic.  

In this way my life expands and becomes richer whenever I take the time to be with myself in renewal.  What unfolds brings a surge of energy, building momentum that leads into new places.  New faces and opportunities appear on my landscape.

New growth comes when the old weathered and worn out stuff of winter is removed.  Initially, we may worry about giving away something we think we might need later, but the relief we feel is immense, when we finally unburden ourselves of philosophies, ideas, beliefs and contracts made so long ago, ones perhaps we didn’t even know were still with us.  

What typically follows is the subtle evaporation of difficulties, followed by a sense of lightness, clarity, and the awareness of new choices.  A deeper sense of SELF. At this precious time of renewal, I invite you to participate with the rhythms of Nature.   

    • Clear out the old energies, 
    • remove what is no longer yours, and 
    • bring into your awareness a multitude of choices always available to you in this abundant Universe.
    • Nurture the seeds of your becoming.