What is Healing?

Some people think that healing comes when they learn about what isn’t working in their life, following a psychic “healing”. If you stop to consider, such information is simply that and nothing more. It does not remove or release whatever is causing the imbalances in one’s life, nor does it provide tools with which to heal. One may feel better with the knowing, but does one really move forward on that energy? Is simply knowing enough?

Whatever is showing up on the mental, emotional or physical originated in the energetic field, the primary force behind all things, long before manifesting elsewhere; now you may be “pathologizing”. Is this necessary? The short answer is no, not if we have adopted the practice of regularly doing our life work.

When we leave issues aside, by resisting, avoiding, minimizing or hiding from them for too long, the resulting impact in different areas of our life can become very challenging, even to the point where we’re unable to work or function at all. We may feel spiritually unfulfilled and may have lost a sense of connection to our inner core, to Source. Sometimes we feel that we don’t belong here and cannot find where we do fit or have lost the path entirely.

In a shamanic healing session, while taking care of the mechanical aspects that need attention (pain, black holes, psychic whacks, cords, etc.), I am drawn to deeper areas: beliefs, contracts, past or future lives, soul issues, clearing foreign energies like ghost, entities and the like. We clarify the issues, then there may be teachings, or techniques to help a person move through a stuck place and to carry on beyond it. These constitute the work done in session to remove the obstacles at the causal level, where the imbalances first began to manifest, or to journey inward, to retrieve fragments of soul which broke away, for a variety of reasons.

There is little about such work that would qualify as just information. It is a dynamic process done for the highest good and potential of the person/client and for all beings everywhere, since we are all interconnected. So, next time you’re considering your healing options, bear in mind that shamanic healing goes very deep and wide, continues working long after the session ends and benefits everyone everywhere.

If you’re ready for a shamanic healing, now is a very auspicious time to book a session. If you’re curious and want to discover whether we’re a good fit, contact me: info at shamanikhealing dot com for a 30 minute free consult.