Giving Clutter The Boot!

Today I began to purge stuff from my closets, cupboards and storage areas in my home. The good feelings such an activity generates are almost indescribable, but let me try to tell you about it anyway and what it could mean for you.

An example: For about five years I’ve owned a pair of good boots which I knew awhile ago were worn out, because when I put my hand inside, I could feel the imprint of my foot firmly embedded in there, even though on the outside the boot looks hardly worn at all.

Those boots are going to the women’s shelter in town, but let’s use these boots as a metaphor for the way many of us approach our life: we spend a lot of time and money keeping up appearances with haircuts, new wardrobe items, taking exercise, maybe a massage once in awhile. However, do we see to the inside? Do we take time to regularly check our interior self, to take stock of our life progress, to purge what we no longer need or want?

As the new year turns over annually, many make “resolutions”, determined to change aspects they don’t like about themselves or their life. We all know how far those things get us, when what’s going on inside is really what’s driving our engine. If there is a mental/emotional backlog, it’ll likely show up as something in our physical world, in our body as illness, in our relationships at work or at home not going well. All the resolve in the world won’t get us past the obstructions old, untended baggage will create.

So, what to do? Ignore it and hope it goes away; avoid it, harbouring the same hope; even resist it, believing we can wrestle it to the ground by using our will. I can tell you, from personal experience, that none of those tactics work and spinning around like a dog chasing its tail will leave you dizzy. It’s much better to tackle it head-on.

But wait! You don’t need to do it all by yourself. There are people like me who can help you declutter and clear your interior storage areas. It’s relatively painless and boy! Do you ever feel better when all that stuff is gone! Better than spraying with Fabreeze and everything seems to flow so much more easily than before too.

If your intuition says, “Maybe I should check this out”, then pop me an email and we’ll arrange for a Free 30 minute consult, to see if what I offer is for you. Turn your world upside down and land right back on your feet, surrounded by beauty.

Enjoy a safe, happy and decluttered life.