Making Life Changes and Coaching

  • Feeling stuck?
  • Not sure where to begin? 
  • Feel overwhelmed just thinking about it?
  • Yearn to discover your passion at work and/or play?
  • Want to determine what is or isn’t working for you in your world?

Clients are amazed and delighted to discover the dreams they’ve harboured for many years and never dared to give wings to. For some it’s been just a wee shift and then the alignment falls into place. For others it could be a need for something more radical, requiring deeper work, perhaps an intensive of 3-4 days, or a series of sessions to reveal what’s been hidden beneath the surface. In most cases, we shall have fun mining the discoveries and bringing them to light. 

Here are some of the ways we could work to bring on your transformation:

Many people don’t know where to start the process of making a lifestyle change. Maybe you’ve mulled it over for a long time, and, for any number of reasons, you still haven’t tackled it. Or you feel defeated, left with an ailing self-image, or you’re cramped with fear that you may never find the courage to tackle it. o Many times you planned to alter your eating regime or begin an exercise program, but you’re still carrying around the excess weight and now you’re concerned about your health.

If now’s the time to change the type of work you do, you may feel confused about which direction to move in and need someone to give you a clear reflection, to help you create your vision and set goals, co-design the next steps to take and to coach you through to achieving your goals. I’ve created a variety of packages for you, so you may see the progress you’re making, month by month.

Maybe you’re ready to make a complete image changeover, or you’re about to make a big move to a new environment (work, home, etc.) and want to de-clutter your space, in order to bring in new energies, leave the past behind. I’ve helped many individuals redesign their personal and professional space; everything from clearing 2 years of magazines and writing from the office floor into an indexed and orderly system, to hauling away years of clothing and other household items that haven’t been used in a long time, in order to reclaim the space.

I shop with men and women to create a new look; sometimes just the right outfit to wear to your next job interview, or to make a better professional impression on your banker, can make all the difference. You may be certain that I shall provide fun tools to help birth more of your aliveness, your zest for life, so that joy in discovery, even mastery become your new life experience.

To arrange a meeting to discuss changes you want to manifest in your life and to begin a new design for your future just phone or email.