My First Post

Greetings Kin, Family, Friends,

This is my first entry regarding the process of making the yurt manifest. So many of you have asked to know how it all has been going and now you can follow it here. It’s been an awesome process! And we’re not finished yet. The outbuilding which will house the bathroom, power and wood storage is being completed as I write this. The lovely laminate floor is down and ready for dancing, yoga, drum circles, classes of all kinds, mini conferences and workshops in shamanic energy, self-care and protection, Medicine Wheel teachings, home concerts and many other activities. We are limited only by the imagination as to what can happen here.

We haven’t yet settled on a name for what we plan will become an international centre for teachings, learnings and retreats, so I put it out to you to bring back here some great suggestions with the flavour of: imagine, rainbow, all colours, crossroads, cross-pollination and integration. Of course, the name needs to be memorable and easy to recall.

Our plan was to be up and operating by now, and weather has its own time, so we are working with it. We expect to be offering the Munay-Ki Rites of Initiation later in August, yoga classes starting in early September, and will be running something throughout the year, so please stay posted with us by checking regularly into .   

If  you’ve wondered why a yurt
At first it was to get out of our house, where I have been doing sessions and gatherings for a number of years. My natural bent is to clean up the space before clients arrive and this meant the office, kitchen, bath, dining room and living room – in effect, most of the house. With a busy practice, I was spending more time cleaning and less time enjoying. I’ll continue with this part of the tale in my next blog entry.. a few days from now, so tune in. Meanwhile, enjoy watching the slide show here, which documents the process, from breaking ground, to putting in the floor.