About Me

Experience the Magic in Métis Medicine Ways.

My name is Riesah Prock, aka Ocean Fires Bat Spirals. Born in Toronto to a family with healers going back several generations on both maternal and paternal sides, I began at a very early age to explore my spirituality and deep connection with Nature. I always wanted to live on a farm, as I’ve always felt best in sunny meadows or in stands of tall trees.

Following graduation from the University of Toronto, I traveled, learned to meditate and became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation (TM) studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Then I married, had two sons and while continuing to expand my life, I began a career as a self-employed entrepreneur in the area of personal growth and professional training. Around that time I worked in sales for some of Canada’s recognized top corporations. Over the years I taught thousands of people the TM technique and then other courses of personal development, as I pursued the larger life questions: What is my life purpose? How may I best serve others? Which path is the best for me?

Answering the call of my intuition, I moved west and brought the gifts of drum making, shamanic drumming, clairvoyant counseling and alchemical healing, as well as a growing knowledge of crystals and stones to the wider community. We gathered for full moon ceremonies, met in drumming circles and conducted other rites. I taught workshops on crystal healing, shamanic journeying and energy in its many forms. Over a number of years I sweated and fasted in traditional ways among various Cree communities and received teachings from the Elders.

As a graduate of a two year program, the 13th Moon Mystery School Kivas of Sandpoint, Idaho, co-founded by Stephanie Rainbow Lightning Elk and Guy Lone Eagle, I also received training given by the Dolphin Star Temple of Amorah Quanyin. More recently I completed work with The Four Winds Society, founded by Alberto Villoldo, whose teachings derive from lineages of Inka Elders in Peru.

Aligning with my purpose and with the As Above and So Below, I no longer suffer from feelings of separation and loneliness. Each day I give thanks to The All That Is for the many gifts, for the joy I derive from my work; each day I find pleasure and gratitude in life.

Now, come experience the magic and beauty of the Métis Medicine Ways in your life…