Whenever I need grounding and centering, the first person I think of is you. Every time I have reached out, you always deliver wise, wonderful guidance and strategies that so completely bring me back.
You are an incredibly gifted and talented Shaman and coach.
I am so blessed to have you in my life. In Gratitude and Love,

Debbie Novic, DC

I just wanted to thank you for your insight and support on my spiritual journey … I realize I need to make some major changes in many aspects of my life and start living for me, not for everyone around me. You are right, my life has become very toxic and I couldn’t see the light at the
end of the tunnel. Before I left, I copied the “Letting Go” poem in your window and I refer to it daily. To let go is to fear less and love more.

Heather, Colorado Springs, Colorado
You deftly shifted deep-seated energy patterns and beliefs that impeded my ability to live joyfully with powerful insight and playful compassion. I was able to identify my victim patterns and then to choose consciously to break my cycle, following my own inner wisdom. I feel more loving towards myself, with a reframed story and am living from a place of joy and greater trust. I feel more alive, with more physical energy, and greater harmony with Nature, myself and others.

You have the ability to tune in to where people have a need to work, applying an individualized approach. You bring relief to those in crisis, but over time, with work, there is also tremendous growth.

Carolyn, Toronto
Thank you for the “awakening” energy. I feel so much more at peace.

Corrine M., Alberta
For a couple of months I had been experiencing panic attacks, problems catching my breath, depression and a general dislike of being. One night I got so freaked out I thought I was going to die. So I got myself to the ER, where the doc couldn’t find any physical causes for my problems and prescribed medications, which I prefer not to take.
Following a healing session, where I learned a grounding technique, did some homework assignments and got cleared of a bunch of negativity – how do I feel and what is my state of mind a week later? Well let me tell you: I feel much more positive, less depressed and am sleeping a lot better. I also have a new outlook about my work and my life.

Carlo M., Edmonton
Having a treatment with you was a unique and positive experience; being able to trust someone with personal issues is rare and you listened and heard. Depression had been a constant and frustrating part of my life for years. It has been almost two months since your treatment and I remain positive; where the bouts were daily, they are now weeks apart and last less than two hours. People are getting a glimpse of my true self.

Sharon W., Pincher Creek
I was referred to Riesah by my mother, who knew I needed help with issues of loss and self-being. I spent three days with her and although not always what I expected, I believe I came away with lessons and insight that will help me in the future.

Greg, 44 years old
Your work assisted me in releasing the charge to some old patterns and now I see things differently…energetically I am in a place with more flow and I know my journey of healing has only begun, but had it not been for your strength and wisdom, I may not have had the courage to face what I had to face…I do know that your work with me allowed me to get through my darkest hour.

Marina, Edmonton
You have done so much for me, by gently pointing me in right directions, with yourself as a powerful catalyst. Your form of support for me was astoundingly accurate – loving, yet fiercely truthful; giving me methods to empower myself and cheering on the side-lines. You always gave me the reins. You never let me go to sleep in your words. You gave me the choices; I had to make them. You gave me back my sight to find my path. From the bottom of my opening heart, thank you.

Carol M.
I was referred to Riesah, following years of medical therapies for a chronic addictive condition. At the time I was also in the throes of a broken love affair, which left me with a battered ego and sickened soul. After a single session with this unique healer, I immediately began the unpleasant but necessary process of drug detoxification – cold turkey, I might add – motivated in a way that whole battalions of psychiatrists had failed to equal. Flower essences and other therapies helped clear me of grief, fury and jealousy, such that my ex-lover and I now enjoy a strong and mutually supportive platonic friendship. Riesah tunes into the ancient, long-neglected forces and elements of Nature, which have always been available, to heal.

Victoria M.
I had a clairvoyant reading with Riesah in October and I have to say that it was very profound and accurate. During the course of the reading she said some things that I had not told many people about myself that were extremely accurate. She was very insightful and gave me tools to assist me in making future decisions for my life that have already started to manifest.
I have some more work to do yet to accomplish everything I need to, but as a result of this reading with Riesah, I now feel like I have clarity and some tools to help with this.

Shelley G.
Thanks again for the meeting it was amazing and something I knew I had to do… Some things you said were in my thoughts and are helping me think and feel more clearly through a very difficult time.

Carol C., U.K.
I was having a real tough time with a variety of serious issues. No matter how many coaches and advisors I went to, they didn’t seem to understand my problem or how it occurred to me.  Riesah nailed it in the first 5 minutes of conversation on the phone and I instantly found relief by being understood.  Her intuitive sensing of me, my past, and my current situation was bang on and it was followed by direct, action-oriented advice that I could work with and get results.  I felt a large energy shift in my being within two days of our healing session together. Many things happened after that, and a timely financial opportunity was offered me within two days that continued to relieve my stress.

As a skilled counsellor myself, I fully trust Riesah’s intuitive understanding and will continue to consult her to work through challenges I have that I shouldn’t be taking on myself.

Tom Barthel, President
Street Smart Counselling, Red Deer AB.